We live in a media-rich world and it is becoming ever more important for writers, musicians, and artists to reach out to followers online. Anyone who denies the importance of technology and social media today is deluding themselves, and unfortunately I was guilty of just this. I never posted, tweeted, blogged, or friended. I didn't have any social media accounts besides Facebook, and even that I barely used except to highlight the newest recipes or cute dresses I'd found on Pinterest. I preferred spending time with those around me rather than people I had never met who lived 5,000 miles away, even though we shared similar interests.

But, I realized, I was looking at this all the wrong way; these were people who did the same things I did, who liked the same books, movies and recipes. I should make more time to reach out to them, to connect with them, not to push them away by hiding out in my own dark little corner and never sharing my own ideas with the world but just re-pinning others'.  So this is my first attempt at blogging--thinking out loud to the internet and hoping others will read, respond, share, and start thinking too. So here's to broadened horizons and new followers and friends.