There will always be people who don't like your writing. If you have something to say, someone out there will decide they disagree with you. But that's normal. You don't have to let that get you down, or convince you that what you have to say, and what you think, isn't somehow still worthy of being said and thought. 

Don't fight it, but don't fight back either. That is not the way to handle criticism. You have to learn from it, not lash out against it. Keep calm, criticism can be constructive too. In fact, that's all it should be. If what someone says against you does not help you in some way, disregard it completely. There is no point in carrying around someone else's baggage. You have enough on your plate.

After all, here you are, trying to write a blog, trying to post a video, trying to get your works and your voice and your thoughts out to the universe in any way you can. That can be scary. If it isn't, either you are way too confident for your own good, or you aren't doing it right. Take risks. Get scared. But don't back down, and don't lash back.