My fiancé and I have recently begun challenging ourselves to do, or not do, certain things for certain amounts of time. For instance, one of our most recent endeavors was to make-out every day for a week. 

Another thing we tried was eating Paleo together for an entire month. I'd never tried giving up gluten, most carbs, sugar, or processed foods all at the same time. It was hard. I cheated a couple times, cause, well, I work in a bakery and I love my chocolate and lattes. 

This month's challenge is to give up alcohol of all kinds, in all amounts. We have taken to drinking wine or cider with dinner each night and we want to break this cycle. It's not that this habit has become worrying, for us or anyone else, but we want to keep alcohol as an indulgence, not a habit. 

Now we're seeking out more challenges of different kinds. Going to the gym at least 6 times a week, and sustaining that. Getting rid of 30 things we just don't use or need anymore; (the idea here is that you get rid of one thing per day and that by the end of a month things are less cluttered and your mind and house a little freer. This challenge actually came from The Minimalists and you can find it in their work, Everything That Remains. We accomplished this goal in 2 hours, not 30 days and we ended up getting rid of 3 boxes worth of stuff.) 

Next we might try running half a marathon together. This year's race will be my fourth time running it, but my fiancé has never tried it so he decided to give it a shot. We also want to visit Europe at least once a year, and pledge to read 50 books in 365 days, or see how long we can go without watching television, just to see how much more we can accomplish and how much more time we might spend together without that little distraction. 

We are challenging ourselves in lots of different ways, for different times, and for different reasons. Sometimes just for fun,or to break habits, to try new things, to find out more about ourselves and each other, or  find new and better ways to connect. We might learn a lot, we might learn nothing at all. It might be fun, it could turn out rather terrible. But, no matter what, it will all be challenging.