Dear Me

Dear Me, 

Things are hard right now, aren't they? I mean, fifteen so far kinda sucks. You have a lot on your mind, a lot you're confused about. But don't worry, you figure it all out.

There's a time, not long now, when you won't always have to hide that you're queer. You're only just now figuring out that that is what, in fact, you are--you are having a hard time with the labels cause they all seem so constricting, so you're trying a few of them out and so far nothing seems to quite work right. 

There's a time, not long now, when you won't worry about the labels. You'll just be you, like you've always been, and no one, least of all you, will have to feel pressured to identify. 

There's a time, not long now, when you give up entirely on the idea of having to check a little box, stamp your forehead, or change your status to one specific identify. You're more fluid than that, and you'll figure that out. 

There's a time, not long now, when being gay is NBD. Crazy, right? Not in a few years. In a few years, people will be wondering why you hid it. Some people will wonder why you hid it from them in particular. But don't worry, they'll also understand. 

There's a time, not long now, when you will embrace what makes you different. And other people will too. A lot of them will love you because you're different. And you'll love you, too. 

There's a time, not long now, when you'll find someone amazing. You'll spend time together. It will teach you a lot. You'll fall in love and then it will be over.  

And there's a time when that will happen again. And again. And each time you'll learn from it. You'll learn more about yourself than you had ever before, and others will help you.

I know fifteen can be hard, but it gets better. You grow into yourself. You grow into being you. And you don't regret the choices, either. You learn from them, the good and the bad. It all works out. 

So go talk to the girl. Go to take risks and make the falls and seek the unknowns. You won't regret it.