Do Tell

We live in a world of tell. Not show and tell, but sit and let me tell if you'd like to listen. 

Sit and let me tell you about my life. You're doing it now.

Blog posts, Facebook posts, Instagram, even email. Sit and let me tell you about my life, about my day, about the food I'm eating, about what I’m wearing.

We listen. We're intrigued. Somethings are more intriguing than others. We key in a little more. But we listen. We agree. We disagree. And we talk back. We communicate. We tell in return. 

This isn't new. We've always lived in a world of tell. People wrote letters before they wrote tweets, but they were still telling. 

The most important part is to think about what you say. 

I may be writing letters--letters to who? To anyone that will listen. You don't have to learn anything, but thank you for listening. 

I’ll try more to think about what I say.