Go Ask a Lesbian

So when did you know you were a lesbian?


You know, when did you figure it out? Or were you born with it? Like, you were born liking girls. 

I don't really...

You must get asked that a lot, huh? I mean, you don't look like a lesbian, so people must be kinda shocked to hear it. 

Well, I don't really know what lesbians are supposed to look like, but...

Oh you know, like short hair and boy clothes and stuff. You're, like, too pretty to be a lesbian.


So, like, did you ever think one of your friends was cute or something and that's how you knew, or what?

 No, I met someone and I liked her and that was it.

So you never liked your friends and dated them and stuff? 

You know being queer doesn't mean I am attracted to every woman, right? 

Oh, right. That makes sense. Some people just aren't that cute....my girlfriend is, though. 


Yeah, my girlfriend is pretty cool too...maybe you two could, like, meet or something...


Cause I think you'd really like her. She's really cute. And, you know...

Know what? 

Well, you know, cause you like girls and so...hey where are you going?