Dear Friend

Dear Friend--

May I call you that? I feel I should, considering how long we have talked, how much you know about me. I would like to call you Friend. 

Dear Friend, 

Please tell me. Please ask. It's alright to have questions. It's alright to ask. 
I know you wonder, reading this and the others I write to you, that you are curious about what it is I say, about things I share. Curiosity is only part of being human. So is wanting to share, to tell stories--that is what I do here.

You may not like my stories. That's fine. You may not want me to tell you so much. So don't read. But if you do read, and if you want to share a story or tell me something in return, please do. 

I tell these stories, I tell you my thoughts because I hope they will help. It helps me to write them. I hope it helps you to read them. 

So please ask. Tell me you've read what I said and then ask me the questions you think. I don't mind. I want to know what you're thinking--I'm an open page and your mind remains locked up. Share with me and I promise to listen. It's only what Friends do. 

Thank you, Friend. You're more important to me than you know. Next time, let me tell you in person. 

Until then, all my love. 

Your Friend