One Step at a Time

What just happened?
What have we done?

 He was just elected president. He has won.
What have we done?

This is happening. 

This sucks, this
fucking sucks. 

Do they know what they’ve done? He’s a bigot, 
I’m unsafe, the world’s so rigid.

We’re unsafe,
guns on a rampage.

What the fuck America?
What are we going to do?

I don’t know what to

This is happening. 

I’m so angry, everyone is so angry and

and I’m trying
to hold it together. 

Make America great again?
How about make America hate again. 

How could we. 

This is happening. 

I tried to have hope.
I put in my vote. 

And everyone is crying
and he’s defiling 

this system. 
No one will listen 

to each other.
Father turned against mother. 

But it’s alright.
It’ll be alright.

We’ll fight the fight.
Put it to right. 

One step at a

One step at a