It's Been a While Since I Posted...Here Is a Story

It’s been a while since I posted something. Here is a story for you, dear reader, for being so very patient with waiting for something new.

This might be a true story. It is not a love story, even if I might have tagged it as such.

Sometimes we know we shouldn’t do it. We know before we even begin that this isn’t something good.

I didn’t get lost in the dark, we didn’t crash the car. The snow didn’t skid under our tires. The wrong turn was getting in the car in the first place not because the car or the snow or the place was unsafe. I knew it was unsafe to get in the car with that boy was the wrong turn. I did anyway. That boy didn’t hurt me—not that night. But I always knew, from the very beginning, I shouldn’t get in the car. I did anyway.

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