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PC: Shawn Mihalik

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His Eye, His Thumb, His Hand l 7.10. 2019, Crab Fat Review Atheist Issue

Her l 6.21.2019, Not Your Mother’s Breast Milk Pride Issue

Portrait of Desperation: Paige M. Ferro on Rachel Lyon's Novel 'Self-Portrait with Boyl 8.15.2018,  Heavy Feather Review

Been There, Read That: Top 10 Summer Reads l 8.15.2018, The Coil

A Landscape of Ash and Dust: Morel Hunting in Central Oregon   l  7.2.2018, Paleo Magazine

The System Is Broken: On Porochista Khakpour's 'Sick'     l  6.18.2018, The Coil

Birthday Roses l 4.26.2017, Lit.cat

A Low-Hanging Fruit l  3.15.2017, Foliate Oak Review

Have Art, Will Travel: Finding My Power talk.  l 9.24.2015

The Assignments l 4.21.2014, Rose Red Review

The Muse and Her Mirror l 4.27.2012 Honorable Mention, The Oval